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How to Use These Forums: Start Here
A tutorial for those unfamiliar with how to use forums for communication.
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General Discussion
Just about anything
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Database of Resources & Information Topics Replies Last Reply
Resourceful Organizations
A place to archive any known organizations that offer helpful resources.
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Charlie DeLacey · Oct 23 '17
In The Resistance Manual
General Useful Information
For information that everyone should be aware of: County Party Traditions: such as the Wendell Ford Dinner, Red White and Blue Picnic, Veterans Day Parade, etc. Bylaws and how are meetings are held, including general rules, especially those less explicit. Basics of the Legislative and Electoral Process. ...and so on...
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Charlie DeLacey · Oct 31 '17
In DNC 2016 Platform
Non-Partisan Resources
Resources like,,, and others that provide useful objective data on Legislation, Lawmaker Activity, organizing tips, etc.
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Charlie DeLacey · Oct 21 '17
In Project
Resourceful Documents
Helpful documents from various sources either uploaded or copied into text field.
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Charlie DeLacey · Dec 21 '17
In Generally Helpful
Subcommittees/Focus Areas Topics Replies Last Reply
For all things related to Party communication: Whether among County Executive Committee Members, among Subcommittees, among allied organizations, or community outreach, Precinct work, etc.
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Charlie DeLacey · Oct 19 '17
In "Friends on the Left" Social
Research, Information, Resources
A depository for all information gathered from such sources as: Communication, Candidate Recruitment, or Fundraising Subcommittees, researching legislation or legislator activities, prior knowledge of Party history or customs, the political process, etc. Basically, anything that could be useful to anyone, stick it in here.
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Candidate Recruitment & Support
For ideas and progress updates on finding, recruiting, and supporting true Democrats to run for office on all levels.
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