Watch A Voter Change Their Mind About Transgender Discrimination | LA LGBT Center

Since 2009, staff and volunteers with the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB have been having door-to-door conservations with voters in conservative Los Angeles neighborhoods to persuade them to be more supportive of issues that impact LGBT people. In the process, the Center has developed a powerful approach to voter canvassing that has been proven effective in reducing transgender prejudice. So effective, in fact, that the journal Science published the findings from a study of our work. This video is a real, candid example of our voter conversations, recorded in March of 2016. This voter canvass was intended to counter the heinous “bathroom myth” regarding transgender people. What the independent scientists from Stanford and U.C. Berkeley found was that our conversations resulted in a reduction of prejudice against transgender people comparable to the decline of prejudice against gay and lesbian people that took place over more than a decade, between 1998 and 2012. We call the approach “deep canvassing” – learn more at

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